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What is the “It’s Still Your Home” Sale Leaseback Program?

home sale leaseback If you applied for a reverse mortgage and didn’t qualify, chances are you were given the recommendation that you should sell the house and move. I saw this happen over and over during my time in the industry. Then one day I thought, why should you move? If the only option available is to sell the house, then why not sell it to an investor and simply rent it back with a home sale leaseback?  Why not continue to live in your home rather than renting another? Sure, the title is no longer in your name but it’s still your home and isn’t the main goal to remain in your home by any means possible? With that in mind I started to put together the basis for It’s Still Your Home.

How Sale Leaseback Works

It’s actually pretty simple. We buy your house for an agreed upon price and then rent it back to you for as long as you’d like to remain in the home. That’s it. No hidden agenda, no empty promises and no scams.

The Home Sale Leaseback Process

Phone Call

During the initial phone call, we will collect your property details and learn more about your unique situation and requirements.


After performing a thorough market analysis and including anticipated repairs based on your disclosures, we will provide you with a realistic estimate on the value range of your home. In other words, we will let you know about how much cash you can expect in your pocket if you sell  your home and about how much monthly rent you can expect to pay.

On Location Meeting/Proposal

If the initial value range is acceptable to you, we will schedule an on-location inspection of your home and provide you with a firm offer at that time. There is no obligation to accept our offer.

Review of Offer

At this point, the ball is in your court and you decide what is in your best interest. We encourage you to take as much time as you need to decide on our offer.  We understand this is a significant, possibly life changing experience, and it is your decision to make on your timeline.

Acceptance of Offer

If you agree to our offer, we’ll arrange a cash transaction and open up escrow & title to complete the purchase based on your time requirements. There are no hidden fees or costs involved. We pay all closing costs. What we offer you is what you get, and nothing less. At the same time, we will both sign a lease contract assuring that you will not experience any interruption in your ability to stay in your home.

What Happens Next?

With the equity from your home now liberated and in your pocket, hopefully the transition from property owner to renter has changed your life to one with freedom from financial worries. Imagine no longer being worried that the property tax bill is due or that a major and expensive repair such as a new roof is needed. Imagine the freedom to once again do the things you love, the things you might have stopped doing because you could no longer afford to do them. Now with the cash from the home, hopefully you can have the life that you deserve.   To find out if the It’s Still Your Home sale leaseback program is the right solution for you, give me a call at 800-407-5696 or click the picture below to fill out a form. Let’s talk about your goals. sale leaseback

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